• September - Parent Partner Meeting
  • October - Fall Festival, Family Field Trip, Parent's Night Out, Picture Day
  • November - Thanksgiving Feast, Pre-K Conferences
  • December - Christmas Party, Parent's Shopping Day event
  • January - 100th Day of School Celebration, Parent Partner Meeting
  • February - Valentine's Day Party
  • March - St Patrick's Day celebration, Parent't Night Out, Pre-K Conferences
  • April - Easter Egg Hunt, Parent Partner Meeting
  • May - Muffins with Mom
  • June - Donuts with Dad, Parent's Night Out, Preschool Graduation BBQ, Vision testing
  • July and August Summer Time Fun

We welcome parents to join us as preschool special guests and toddler lunch buddies. We also let parents know about different parenting education opportunities and we are an involved member of the community and keep parents updated about different family fun events.

Our goal at Little Tykes is to provide children with their very first learning experiences and to help children to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually by utilizing our structured, creative program. We strive to teach children how to interact with other children, develop cognitive and language skills, acquire knowledge, and we are 100% dedicated to providing the highest quality of care by encouraging children to be confident about trying new things, be active and creative explorers, and become enthusiastic about learning. 

We encourage children to work at their own pace, and teach them good habits and healthy attitudes so that they have a positive sense of self and successful experiences with learning. We utilize the Creative Curriculum as our teaching guide and use the goals and objectives developed by the curriculum as a guideline. 


Special events!

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